Invest in Your Dream Home: Plots in Shankarpur, Nagpur for Sale

Are you in the market for a place to call your own in Nagpur? Look no further! Kuhaasa Residency, situated in the serene locality of Shankarpur on Wardha Road, Nagpur, offers you an unparalleled opportunity to invest in residential plots. With a wide range of premium amenities and excellent nearby developments, these plots are perfect for both investment and living. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Kuhaasa Residency an enticing choice for your dream home.

Residential Plots Available

Kuhaasa Residency presents a diverse array of residential plots, each offering ample space to manifest your dream home. These plots are meticulously designed to accommodate a variety of architectural styles and sizes, ensuring that your vision for your future home can be brought to life.

Premium Amenities

One of the standout features of Kuhaasa Residency is the extensive list of premium amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. These amenities include:

  • Cement Road: Well-constructed and well-maintained roads ensure smooth access to your property, making your daily commute hassle-free.

  • Children Park: A dedicated area for your little ones to play, explore, and socialize, ensuring that their childhood is filled with joy and memories.

  • Compound Wall on Open Space: Providing added security and defining the boundaries of your property, this feature brings peace of mind.

  • Drainage: Properly planned and maintained drainage systems ensure cleanliness and hygiene, protecting the environment and your well-being.

  • Electrification: Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to meet your daily energy needs.

  • Fencing: The presence of fencing adds an extra layer of security and privacy, allowing you to enjoy your property with complete peace of mind.

  • NMRDA + RL Approved: Kuhaasa Residency has received approvals from both the Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) and the Regional Plan (RL), ensuring that the project is in line with the region’s development guidelines.

  • RERA Registered: Full compliance with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, providing transparency and accountability for your investment.

  • Senior Citizen Park & Green Gym: Spaces dedicated to relaxation and fitness, ensuring that residents of all ages can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • Sewage Line & Sewage Treatment Plant: Kuhaasa Residency is committed to responsible waste management with a dedicated sewage line and treatment plant.

  • Tree Plantation: Creating a green and eco-friendly environment, this feature adds to the natural beauty of the location while benefiting the ecosystem.

  • Water Source: A reliable source of water supply, ensuring that you never have to worry about water scarcity.

These amenities contribute to a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, making Kuhaasa Residency an attractive option for families and individuals looking to create a perfect home for themselves.

Best Nearby Developments

Location is a crucial factor when choosing your dream home, and Kuhaasa Residency boasts a strategic location. Here are some notable developments within a 2-kilometer radius:

  • Metro Station: Easy access to public transportation for convenient commuting within the city, connecting you to various parts of Nagpur with ease.

  • Airport: Ideal for frequent travelers, as the airport is just a stone’s throw away, ensuring that you can reach your destinations with minimal travel time.

  • Dmart: For all your shopping and grocery needs, Dmart is conveniently located nearby, making your everyday life more comfortable.

  • Wardha Road: This well-connected road ensures smooth travel within the city, linking you to essential destinations and ensuring that you’re well-connected to Nagpur’s thriving urban life.

Best for Investment and Living

Kuhaasa Residency is a versatile choice, ideal for both investment and living. Let’s explore why:

  • Investment: If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, Kuhaasa Residency presents a promising choice. The strategic location’s growth potential, combined with the premium amenities, makes it an excellent investment option. As the property values in this area are on the rise, investing now could yield substantial returns in the future.

  • Living: For those seeking a tranquil and convenient place to live, Kuhaasa Residency provides all the necessary features to ensure a high quality of life. The serene surroundings, modern amenities, and a sense of community make it a perfect place for families and individuals to call home.


The pricing for these plots is competitive, starting from just Rs. 2950 per square foot. This affordability opens doors for a wide range of homebuyers to invest in their dream property without breaking the bank.

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In summary, Kuhaasa Residency offers an exciting opportunity for those seeking plots in Shankarpur, Nagpur for sale. With its range of premium amenities, strategic location, and competitive pricing, it’s a compelling choice for both investors and homebuyers. Don’t miss out on the chance to make this serene and convenient location your own.

Invest in your dream home at Kuhaasa Residency. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a visit to explore these fantastic residential plots. Secure your piece of Nagpur’s promising future at Kuhaasa Residency, where dreams come to life.

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